Waste Management issues in Pakistan

By: Palwasha Alam

There are so many issues  raising each day in Pakistan but one and the most common issues is the environmental issues and the waste which is generating each day in tons. According to the government of Punjab the Pakistan waste is 0.612 kg per day and it is increasing at 2.4%. There are different types of waste but most common waste which is effecting us are; solid waste, industrial waste, hospital waste

Industrial waste  the rapidly growth in the population as well in the industries has effect our environment there are so many industries opened in Pakistan do you think they are utilizing there resources properly and after utilizing there resources do you ever think how they managing the waste. Do you ever think how solid industrial waste are discharged properly in landfills or in open dump also industrial effluents which is most commonly discharged in the pounds, municipal waste drains  and major drainage river. Which is effecting the human health as well as marine life birds and animal as well the people who live near the river and lakes commonly take water from their and use it which is effects their health the marine life is getting polluted because of the garbage which is the sea making the sea polluted the toxics water which discharge in the sea effecting the eyes of the fishes and the skin many of the fishes is getting blind. Industries needs to focus on the green environment they have to think how they can balance their work with the environment work on 3Rs reduce recycle and reuse. which is most common practice all around the world our most growing and working industry is chemical industries the chemical which is used in everything from our food to our medicine cosmetics and many things the need of chemical is everywhere so there must be proper utilization of chemical resources and after it proper drainage.

Hospital waste which generated through a general waste and radioactive waste and different types of chemical waste which generated because of treatment of different diseases the tools which is use in hospital also generate waste. Drips ,blood bottles ,pipes ,syringe etc many more thing which is use in the treatment of patient generate waste proper dispose of waste is not done by the hospital management which is effecting the health of the human and effecting the environment .

Solid waste in Pakistan approximately forty eight million tons of waste generate each year which is increasing each year two percent. Lack of infrastructure creating environmental problems the most common is municipal waste which is burned, dumped or buried on vacant lots neither which is threatening the health of the population .according to the GOP government of Pakistan solid waste which is generated per day is seventy seven thousand tons from the major metropolitan areas .municipal and local government is responsible for the collection other waste from the different cities of Pakistan.

Karachi is one of the largest city of Pakistan city of lights which is converting in the garbage just because of this environmental issues Karachi generate more than 13000 of municipal waste everyday if all work for the betterment so this situation also overcome and we can also live in the fear free clean and green environment but first we have to understand these thing.”If you can’t clean you surrounding then don’t make it dirty”. Everywhere from streets to school the garbage is there proper waste disposing is not happening. the industries and all the organization who create waste have to think not to waste the natural resources if you are using in you work proper utilization is must there after using it you have to dump the waste properly you must be sure that the place where you are dumping not effect anyone health, industries must be in the non populated area because if it is in the city so the smoke from the chemical they generate effects the environment. Solution is that all the organization has to focused on 3RS Reduce, recycle and reuse if everyone work on these practice so it definitely reduce the each day waste and make our environment healthy as well. Or another solution is can also separate our different kind of waste separately make bin for that so it will help in recycling and reusing the thing.


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